Valorant Agents- Will Chamber

Valorant Agents- Will Chamber

This weekend, all players who have access to the PBE server were able to test the new Chamber. Was it worth the wait of half a year?

If we’re being honest, the last few agents we’ve gotten have changed virtually nothing in the metagame. Yoru and KAY/O are among the least played agents in (though that could change), and Astra has her fans, but we wouldn’t call her a top agent. Will this continue with the next agents? Is Chamber another useless agent with cool looking abilities and a nice trailer? Well… not necessarily.

After this weekend’s PBE testing, our opinion of the Chamber has changed a lot. What do we think of him now? Will we see a change in the meta, or will everything stay the same? Let’s analyze everything we’ve learned about him in these 2 weeks, and look at how good Chamber really is.

Why is Chamber good?

Chamber doesn’t have any weak skills. Seriously, every single ability sounds like some kind of cheat and when you play against him they are really annoying. That’s the main reason people expect Chamber to be the king of the meta and we’ll see him in absolutely every game until he gets generated at some point. So really, any operator player would love to have access to at least one of these abilities.

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Chambers Abilities:

Okay, you want to know why these abilities are so powerful? Let’s take a look:

  • Trademark (C) – A trap that slows down any enemy that comes into its field of vision. Something like a combination of Killjoy’s gun and Sage’s Slow Orb. And of course, you can hear if the trap has been triggered (just like any other trap in the game).
  • Headhunter (Q) – A better sheriff, so to speak. Excellent penetrating power, headshot always kills and you have instant access to it (you pull it in 0.3 seconds). Note that it can also be used as an additional weapon in a pistol round.
  • Rendezvous (E) – a signature ability that is a simple teleport that works almost instantly. It allows a sniper to quickly change positions after scoring a kill or being harassed by enemies.
  • Tour de Force (X) – A better operator that always kills with a single hit (including foot hits). Every time you kill an enemy with this ability, a slowdown field is created under their body (as with marks).

So everything a sniper needs. A slowing bullet that makes it easier to hit the target, instant access to the sheriff, a good teleport, and a powerful sniper rifle. How can this not be OP?

Why is Chamber bad?

You’re probably asking yourself now – how can an agent with such strong abilities be bad? He has the best sniper skills in the game! That’s true, but: they are all defensive. And yes, that’s what you want from a Guardian agent, but as with any agent, it’s important to have enough flexibility (which we get with Killjoy, for example). Even as a Guardian Agent, you won’t always want to play defensively, and none of Chambers’ abilities help on the offensive.

So will Chamber be playable well?

Will Chamber be a meta-breaker and a “must-have” in any lineup? Probably not; he’s just not flexible enough and you’ll notice how easy it is to counter some of his tactics. Still, we expect him to be more of a tournament counterpick or a call for slightly slower meta games. That said, he’s still probably the best pick for snipers.

Overall, Chamber is a solid agent, but he’s probably not flexible enough to become more popular than Killjoy, Cypher, or Sage. He should still be more popular than Astra, Yoru, and KAY/O, and that’s something.

Valorant Agent

Agents are the playable characters in Valorant. Each agent belongs to one of four possible classes and has four abilities. In addition, almost every agent represents a country.

There are nineteen agents in total, although in the earliest versions of the game there were only eight. The rest were added gradually.

There are four different classes: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel.

Agents have one Signature Ability which they get free of charge each round.

The riot was meaning to send off the game with 12 agents, however, just 8 were accessible in the early press constructs. On March 29, 2020, a confidential occasion presented Breach. Since the Closed Beta send-off on April 7, 2020, Raze was added alongside the guide Split, bringing the Agent complete to 10. Five agents are accessible at the first send-off, with two more that can be effortlessly opened by stepping up in the game. More agents can be opened by taking Contracts and assembling XP on them.

Agents have base well-being of 100; Light Shields carry the most extreme well-being to 125 and Heavy Shields to 150.

It is the goal of the designers that another specialist be delivered around once per act. New agents require 12-15 months to create, and their plan is engaged around focuses, for example, what’s absent from the game’s current playstyles, are there any imminent thematics that present large open doors, and what’s required for better game wellbeing.


Every specialist satisfies one of four jobs, characterized by their capacities and playstyle:

  • Controller agents are specialists in cutting up perilous domains to get their group in a good position.
  • Duelist agents are independent fraggers who their group anticipates, through capacities and abilities, to get high frags and search out commitment first.
  • Initiator agents challenge points by setting up their group to enter the challenging ground and push safeguards away.
  • Sentinel agents are protective specialists who can secure regions and watch flanks, both on assailant and protector adjusts.

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