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Riot’s #Valorant plans: so many agents to come.


Since the release of #Valorant, numerous questions about Riots #FPS have been circulating on the Internet. One of the most asked is: how many agents will there be in the coming years? Currently, there are 12 different characters to choose from, but even though we haven’t even gotten past Episode 1, a new agent could be released as early as next month.


100 Thieves #Valorant Team must pay Riot fine!.


During the #Valorant VCT Masters, 100 Thieves coach Hector “FrosT” was suspended and the organization was fined $5,000. Apparently, FrosT involved Riot staff in an extremely unprofessional discussion.


#Valorant Skin price changes: Which countries are affected?.


As of September 8, the value of #Valorant points will change in Europe (currencies EUR, GBP and HUF), Brazil, Latin America, Russia and Turkey. The reason is mainly exchange rate and tax changes. So if the value of #Valorant Points changes, the value of skins changes too, so you might want to do some skin shopping…


#Valorant: LoL Crossover #Skins leaked.


The latest skin pack in #Valorant looks like a special one, as it could be a crossover with Riot’s other big title – #LeagueofLegends. Here’s everything we know so far about the #Valorant X LoL crossover skins.


Patch Notes – #Valorant Patch 3.00: The most violent agent nerfs.


The #Valorant 3.00 patch was very welcomed by the community. Riot finally added a new agent in KAY/O and even took care of the run and gun problem. In addition, the 3.00 update included numerous balance changes and cost tweaks.



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#Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter developed by #RiotGames. It is the first game developed by #RiotGames in this genre. The game was first announced in October 2019 with the code-name Project A. It was released for Windows on June 2, 2020. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2020. A closed beta launched back on April 7, 2020, and participation for the closed beta was done by sending game-keys for watching live streams of the game on the video platform Twitch (so-called “Twitch Drops”). The Twitch account had to be connected to the #RiotGames account for this. #Valorant left the beta phase on June 2, 2020.


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