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In Istanbul, Turkey, the strongest “Valorant” teams are currently playing for the World Championship title. In this context, Riot has presented its plans for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 revealed. In the coming year, big changes await the fans of the shooter: Riot is switching everything to the franchising model, which should be very familiar to fans of “” or “Overwatch”.

The previously open ecosystem of the title is almost completely closed as a result – at least a few outside teams per year have the chance to play their way into the top for a limited time via the Challengers system without having to pay for a franchise spot.

What does Riot Games offer teams that dip into their wallets from the start?

Schedule for VCT 2023

The structure of the 2023 VCT season is as follows:

  • February to March 2023: Opening Tournament (all regions) in Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • March to May 2023: Leagues in Europe (Berlin), the America’s (Los Angeles) and Asia (Seoul)
  • May to July 2023: Masters (all regions)
  • July to August 2023: Last Chance Qualification (all regions) for Champions
  • August 2023 to September 2023: Champions (all regions)


Riot Games will start 2023 with just one season for the three brand new leagues, whose presumed venues have been confirmed. This is to give the teams the necessary time to settle in their locations and build up the necessary infrastructure there. In the future, as in League of Legends, there will be two seasons per year for each league, according to the plan.

The developer has not yet revealed the individual partner teams, and the venues for Masters and Champions 2023 are also being kept under wraps.

The Challengers system will run from January 2023 and already features two seasons. The grand finale of this competition track is the promotion tournament in July 2023, in which a team can secure a two-year membership in the upper leagues. Over 20 regional leagues feed candidates into this tournament.

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