Valorant's new Agent Fade appearance and abilities leaked

Valorant’s new Agent Fade: appearance and abilities leaked

A few secrets have been revealed! had to put up with some leaks about the upcoming Agent. From her name to her appearance, we now know. Here you can find everything we learned about the new !

By now, all players are probably already incredibly excited about the new agent. Riot has built up a lot of excitement with a lot of teasers, of course. Besides all the info we have from the developer, the leaks also confirm that we can really look forward to what’s coming. So, enough talking! Let’s take a closer look at the new Agent Fade.

New Agent Fade: Skills

The new Agent Fade will be an initiator. Her skills focus on scouting the enemy team while they move in constant fear of her. Take a look at Fade’s abilities for yourself:

Fade makes a super stalker!

With Fade’s abilities, you’ll always be breathing down your enemies’ necks. She gets an entirely new debuff mechanic called TRAIL, which can be combined with other abilities to track your enemies and put more debuffs on them, such as NEARSIGHT…. works something like Paranoia from Spike Rush. But there’s more interesting stuff about the latest addition to the . We now know what Fade looks like!

New Agent Fade: Appearance

Even though we already got a teaser about our agent’s biggest fears, but the sensation was her appearance. Fade is an agent from Turkey and her appearance can really intimidate some.

From the leak about Fade’s abilities, we can already conclude that she will indeed look like this. That’s because the accessories we see on her hands are completely consistent with that. Her looks alone can almost kill, but when will we meet her in the game?

New Agent Fade: Release Date

We expect the new Valorant Agent Fade to be released in Episode 4 Act 3, this is supposed to come on April 26, 2022. However, if you can’t wait until then, there is something you can do to bridge the time well. Some streamers and players will get early access to gameplay footage from Fade. We expect official gameplay and a cinematic trailer after the VCT Masters in Reykjavík.

Fade is the last person you want to find in the dark. But you’ll want to see where this trail leads. Tune in for the Masters Reykjavík Grand Final on Apr. 24 for the first look at Fade gameplay and cinematic debut.

Are you excited about the new agent yet? If you’re just getting started with Valorant, be sure to check out these agents before you try your hand at Fade.


Agents are the playable characters in Valorant. Each agent belongs to one of four possible classes and has four abilities. In addition, almost every agent represents a country.

There are nineteen agents in total, although in the earliest versions of the game there were only eight. The rest were added gradually.

There are four different classes: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel.

Agents have one Signature Ability which they get free of charge each round.

The riot was meaning to send off the game with 12 agents, however, just 8 were accessible in the early press constructs. On March 29, 2020, a confidential occasion presented Breach. Since the Closed Beta send-off on April 7, 2020, Raze was added alongside the guide Split, bringing the Agent complete to 10. Five agents are accessible at the first send-off, with two more that can be effortlessly opened by stepping up in the game. More agents can be opened by taking Contracts and assembling XP on them.

Agents have base well-being of 100; Light Shields carry the most extreme well-being to 125 and Heavy Shields to 150.

It is the goal of the designers that another specialist be delivered around once per act. New agents require 12-15 months to create, and their plan is engaged around focuses, for example, what’s absent from the game’s current playstyles, are there any imminent thematics that present large open doors, and what’s required for better game wellbeing.


Every specialist satisfies one of four jobs, characterized by their capacities and playstyle:

  • Controller agents are specialists in cutting up perilous domains to get their group in a good position.
  • Duelist agents are independent fraggers who their group anticipates, through capacities and abilities, to get high frags and search out commitment first.
  • Initiator agents challenge points by setting up their group to enter the challenging ground and push safeguards away.
  • Sentinel agents are protective specialists who can secure regions and watch flanks, both on assailant and protector adjusts.

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