Veigar Reveal | Legends of Runeterra

“None will be permitted to obstruct my path to ULTIMATE MAGICAL POWER!” Veigar and his minions join the latest expansion, Beyond the Bandlewood: Thank you to of #Runeterra – Topic for uploading this video

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38 Replies to “Veigar Reveal | Legends of Runeterra”

One cool fact to note is that Scott McNeil, Veigar's current voice actor, also voiced Voltar from League of Super Evil, a fun little cartoon about a comedic supervillain and his minions who always fail to be evil, even when they try. The man's got a knack for playing small and angry over-the-top villains!

here me out veigar replaces his ult with this mech and the mech uses phenomenal evil power stacks to power as a stance swap of sorts but increses veigar's power even further making him an incredible bruiser mage hybrid! like a good mini rework (miss old kench and wukong)

The fact that he sounds different in League and LoR actually makes so much sense and it's cracking me up. In LoR, he interacts directly with other people, whereas in League, he's mostly just screaming megalomaniacal one-liners at anyone who will listen. Of course he's screechier and higher-pitched in League, he's yelling at people at the top of his tiny lungs from halfway across the Rift :'D

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