Wait… League is ACTUALLY Dying…

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Assassin Master-yi.

Master Yi has tempered his body and sharpened his mind, so that thought and action have become almost as one. Though he chooses to enter into violence only as a last resort, the grace and speed of his blade ensures resolution is always swift. As one of the last living practitioners of the Ionian art of Wuju, Yi has devoted his life to continuing the legacy of his people—scrutinizing potential new disciples with the Seven Lenses of Insight to identify the most worthy among them.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – TNC Predator.

TNC Predator counts as a
real underdog with big ambitions for The International 2018. The team can rely on a strong roster with the most capable Filipino players – Raven, Sam_H and co. … The team is bursting with motivation for the upcoming tournament. Fourth place in the DAC 2018, in which they lost to Virtus.pro in the third round in the lower tier, counts as an international success.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins-EDG Worlds.

So which champions did the guys from EDG choose and what theme did they go for? Last year, DAMWON took inspiration from Greek deities. 2019’s FPX skins are a bit reminiscent of the Power Rangers and this year it’s going in the direction of anime knights…. good hit, Riot!

#LeagueofLegends Guides- Gwen.

Gwen has been in our beloved Rift for a few months now. Since then, the #LeagueofLegends champ has undergone some nerfs and buffs and nerfs. However, Gwen is still one of the best top laners in the meta and that’s why we’re going to show you how to best play her.

LoL #LeagueofLegends – #WildRift: Patch 1.0a nerfed OP-Champs.

The #WildRift beta has been playable in several regions of the world so far. We Europeans will have to be a bit more patient until we get our hands on the beautiful mobile version of our favorite MOBA: #LeagueofLegends aka #WildRift.

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39 Replies to “Wait… League is ACTUALLY Dying…”

Honestly, part of me is starting to believe they (RIOT Execs) set up the ruination to fail so they wouldn't have to deal with, some of, the devs whining about lore anymore.
Really it was probably just greed, but looking at this you gotta wonder.
Good think I stopped playing when the ruination came out since I couldn't care less about edgelord emo 'Oh, I'm so tragic and no one understands, now die!' Viego.

i only play the game modes …. and urf isn't my fav. they have gotten rid of my fav so i dont spend money on them any more. thing is these other teams might not make them money in the short term, but it will have a snowball effect. plan for the long term or burn after the short

Riot really need to be more consequent with Toxic players i mean they can call you the N word multiple times and nothing happens???? WTF riot open your eyes

It might be a stupid thing to say but you can state that more effort in put in other riot games than lol just by looking at tft. Only talking about "monetization", i know most comestics are just like chromas of the same tacticians but speaking about the pass… In TFT you fllu repay your pass by playing, and grinding the pass is very easy. You get at least one copy of every new tacticians at least a legendary one. The game is always in costant update and even though they are recycling the same sistem of augument it always has something that makes it feel completely new to players. League has no new content, the game mode team has been dismantled… League really suffered Mortdog loss which developed Odissey and now is working on tft.
From every perspective i see wrong choices on league, focussing on ranked players and skinlines, and great ones on all other riot universe (Tft, Ruined King, Arcane, Lor).

The victorious skins are trophies. They commemorate your success in the game forever. Opening them up to everyone ruins that, in the same way giving trophies to every participant would ruin the point. The chromas help, but you lose the instant/loading screen factor, and they don't have a gold chroma so gold players will lose their prestige. There is/was something special about seeing a victorious elise and knowing this player has been pretty good for a while. I don't like the change and wish they had incentivized players another way (maybe have a new skin line to reward commitment to ranked).

"The company plans to blow its budget on League of Legends for 2023", says Riot Games CEO.

Sounds a lot like, "we're going to do the bare minimum with the budget proposal & line our executive's pockets with whatever is left over." Honestly, don't waste your time on this game folks. So many other games you can play. This game is as good as dead.

We never got an event like Bilgewater event from years ago. I wanted a shurima inspired one. Never got it. They removed ascension. I want a crazy void event. Really thought it was gonna be last year. Nope. I wanted revamp to PROJECT universe. We never got that. Every skin gets dull, is just mechanical, space like, or cheeky, rosy. It's boring.

Guardian of the sands
Bilgewater themed skins went missing.
Just heavy cosmetics for outside world attraction.

Skarner is a development hell meme akin to ryze by this point, it took them like 2 more years than intended to release him, then het got a shitty rework and now he get's another one they can't put together properly xD

I switched to wild rift and have enjoyed it…. however …. riot is starting to do some scummy things. A gotcha style skin system for crystal rose and lunar reveal. They also removed all chat…. like why.

Ok but what do ppl expect? U keep buying their skins and passes, why WOULD they put effort into anything when they make so much money without even trying? Oh wow look at this amazing cool new fairy Karma skin they showed, it totally doesn't look exactly like elderwood

Honestly, I'm glad, I've quit league of legends (still love you Necrit :* ), so seeing as how they're cutting corners and removing incredible artists from league to switch them to the MMO or literally any other game they make, I'm happy, I wanna see Riot's MMO be "THE WOW KILLER", just because I really crave a really good MMO, but yeah!

Gamemode team?

Heroes of the Storm is considered a dead game but there are like 13 different maps to play on.

Riot should have done that a long time ago instead of releasing like 200 champions.

Here goes my pinch of salt as a player with more than 10 years of experience in LoL:

1) The game is the same old stuff in every way possible. New champions don't change anything;
2) The gameplay balance when discussing items vs. items and champions vs. champions, is in one of the worst states ever;
3) Community is never been as toxic as it is now;
4) Matchmaking system is a joke;
5) Tribunal system is a joke;
6) People who design champions and changes are delusional with the game state;
7) People who balance gameplay are straight-up bad LoL players.

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