What Happened To Thebausffs – Best of LoL

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What Happened To Thebausffs

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Thebausffs : https://www.twitch.tv/thebausffs
Sanchovies : https://www.twitch.tv/sanchovies
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00:00 lol_nemesis
00:12 ZefathWasTaken
00:40 Yassuo
01:00 xDavemon
01:22 Thebausffs
01:38 Sanchovies
02:01 PinkWardlol
02:21 loltyler1
02:35 gamergirl
03:05 SloppyWalrusX
03:21 Dantes
03:39 ZefathWasTaken
04:14 Yassuo
04:36 Thebausffs
04:47 PinkWardlol
05:05 midbeast
05:21 loltyler1
05:41 KeshaEuw
06:05 Dekar173
06:26 ZefathWasTaken
06:47 Sanchovies
06:57 ipav999
07:21 Yassuo
07:41 loltyler1
07:57 TFBlade
08:13 ZefathWasTaken
08:22 outro

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Wow Moe literally played that perfect. Dodged raka silence. Through perfect nado, walked out of turret agro only taking one tower shot before muting back in the. Auting tower. Fun to see

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