When will FIFA 23 be released?

With the last edition of the usual FIFA series from will be released this year. , versions, : Here you can find information about the soccer simulation. The 2021/22 – Season is over, the 2022/23 – Season starts soon or has already started in some parts. For friends of the game consoles this means accordingly of course: a new FIFA edition of EA Sports is coming. FIFA 23 will be the last edition of the FIFA series. As both the developers and those responsible for the world association FIFA announced in May, the simulation will bear the name FIFA for the last time this year, and from 2024 EA Sports FC will appear on the cover. The reason for this revolution: disagreements between the two parties about further cooperation.

EA pays FIFA as a license partner so far 150 million euros a year. “We want to make sure that we involve many, many more brands and partners,” said brand manager of EA Sports, David Jackson, while FIFA no longer wants to give the licensing rights to just one publisher. But to stay with FIFA 23 and the familiar name: When is the release date of the new FIFA edition? What versions will there be, who is on the cover and what is the price? SPOX addresses these questions in the following.

When will FIFA 23 be released? Info about the release date

Since a few days it is certain: The new FIFA game will be released on September 30th. This is at least true for the Standard Edition, the Ultimate Edition is available via Early Access even three days before, so on September 27. As for the demo, it’s too early to tell if there will be one. The test version was last released in 2020, but EA has since decided against it.

FIFA 23: Versions

EA Sports, as usual, releases more than one version of the video game. In addition to the Standard Edition also the Ultimate Edition. Gamers who play on the Nintendo Switch will be offered the Legacy Edition.

FIFA 23: Price

So the popular FIFA versions on the respective consoles differ in price. This usually remains unchanged.

Platform Standard Edition Ultimate Edition Legacy Edition
PlayStation 4 69,99€ 99,99€
Xbox One 69,99€ 99,99€
PlayStation 5 79,99€ 99,99€
Xbox Series X 79,99€ 99,99€
PC 69,99€ 89,99€
Nintendo Switch 39,99€

FIFA 23: Coverstars

With Kylian Mbappe no unknown face graces the cover of the new game, the superstar of Paris Saint-Germain can be seen on it for the third time in a row. However, he is not pictured alone: Chelsea FC footballer Sam Kerr is also the cover star. Together, the two can be seen on the cover of the Ultimate Edition; as for the Standard Edition, you have the choice between Mbappe or Kerr.

Game Coverstar(s)
FIFA 23 Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr
FIFA 22 Kylian Mbappe
FIFA 21 Kylian Mbappe
FIFA 20 Eden Hazard, Virgil van Dijk, Zinedine Zidane
FIFA 19 Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Paulo Dybala, Kevin De Bruyne
FIFA 18 Cristiano Ronaldo
FIFA 17 Marco Reus
FIFA 16 Lionel Messi
FIFA 15 Lionel Messi
FIFA 14 Lionel Messi
FIFA 13 Lionel Messi
FIFA 12 Wayne Rooney, Kaka, Mats Hummels & Lukas Podolski (German version)


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