Warwick WildRift Gameplay

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Build and Runes: 0:44
Warwick Gameplay: 5:56

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WildRift Challenger Gameplay
League of WildRift Warwick Gameplay
Warwick WildRift Gameplay and Guide

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39 Replies to “WILD RIFT | WARWICK IS S++”

IT is weird that you record alone un tour kitchen and we later watch alone on the toilet but somehow ir works XD.

Also I think you should do More pro games analysis on your channel as well since we only get the perspective of a single player, maybe getting the bigger picture of the whole team educates viewers on how to get along together and understand each other's rolea

Tip : if you time your second skill as Shen you can negate war's ult as he will ult and it will go through you and to the full length of ult hence he will be deep in your turret then taunt him

But it doesn't work for your Allie and I don't know y I timed it will still it doesn't work so it only works for you

8:25 I don’t think it actually stacks.

The passive automatically procs on ANY enemy below half.

Using the 2nd ability bypasses this, but I don’t believe it actually stacks if it’s ALREADY on an enemy.

I may be wrong, but that’s how I always understood it in PC

Healing per minute. Shielding per minute. Damage taken vs gold per minute. And damage dealt vs gold per minute… they count more towards overall % than kills…

I got 100% vex in emerald last night with 35k dmg. She's been super fun to me. As an Annie mid main, she feels right at home here =)

Love your content!! Keep up good work

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