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League of Champion – Assassin Kassadin.

Cutting a burning swath through the darkest places of the world, Kassadin knows his days are numbered. A widely traveled Shuriman guide and adventurer, he had chosen to raise a family among the peaceful southern tribes—until the day his village was consumed by the Void. He vowed vengeance, combining a number of arcane artifacts and forbidden technologies for the struggle ahead. Finally, Kassadin set out for the wastelands of Icathia, ready to face any monstrous Void-construct in his search for their self-proclaimed prophet, Malzahar.

League of Legends Teams – Mineski.

Everyone knows Mineski, but not much is known about the team apart from their fans. Because the great successes are either not remembered or have not taken place. Don’t worry, we’ll shed some light on this. First of all – the team has not yet taken part in any The International and we congratulate the coach and players on their great personal success. Because in 2017/2018 the team made a name for itself in a few smaller tournaments and qualified as a result.

League of Legends Skins-Damwon Worlds.

LoL Patch 11.8 is out today. But not only that! There was some news in the beta servers as well. New skins, chromas and even more are being tested there so that they look perfect when everyone can play them.

League of Legends Guides- Hextech Rocketbelt.

Do you like AP champions with damage? Then get Rocketbelt and let’s go! You don’t always need AD comps to maul enemies with items like Eclipse, Duskblade, or Prowler’s Claw. No, you can do the same with the Hextech Rocketbelt… if you are know-how. But that’s what we are here for today.

LoL League of Legends – Teamfight Tactics: The Roadmap is here!.

Teamfight Tactics is just one year old, but Riot Games has big plans for their auto-battler. The roadmap is here and shows the plans for 20/21: , Set 4, new arenas, Little Legends, new modes and much more. What can we expect? EarlyGame sums up the most important stuff!

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