WildRift: Origin Series July Cup Finals Day 1

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League of Legends Champion – Marksman Zeri.

A headstrong, spirited young woman from Zaun’s working-class, Zeri channels her electric magic to charge herself and her custom-crafted gun. Her volatile power mirrors her emotions, its sparks reflecting her lightning-fast approach to life. Deeply compassionate toward others, Zeri carries the love of her family and her home into every fight. Though her eagerness to help can sometimes backfire, Zeri believes one truth to be certain: stand up for your community, and it will stand up with you.

League of Legends Teams – Mineski.

Everyone knows Mineski, but not much is known about the team apart from their fans. Because the great successes are either not remembered or have not taken place. Don’t worry, we’ll shed some light on this. First of all – the team has not yet taken part in any The International and we congratulate the coach and players on their great personal success. Because in 2017/2018 the team made a name for itself in a few smaller tournaments and qualified as a result.

League of Legends – Skins-Pentakill.

The Sentinels event is over so we need something to fill the gap until the next big event in League of Legends. And how do we fill this gap? With skins of course! But not just any skins, Pentakill skins! Hype! Let’s take a look at the release date, the champions and the price of the Pentakill skins.

League of Legends Guides- Viego, The Ruined King – Skills & Playstyle.

LoL Patch 11.2 is out and with it comes the newest League of Legends champion – also the first of 2021. Viego, the Ruined King will not only be available in League of Legends, but he’s also coming to many other platforms and even getting his own game in Ruined King – a League of Legends Story.

LoL League of Legends – Patch 11.20 Preview.

Patch 11.19 was released today. Ryze was generfed, many other champions were buffed. But what awaits us when the Worlds are over? Patch 11.20 comes after the Worlds and we are moving towards the Pre– Season of – Season 12.We look ahead to LoL Patch 11.20 and everything we know so far about the upcoming LoL patch.

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Тупорылая игра с тупорылым подбором, почему я должен играть каждую игру в рейтинге с тупорылым даунами, которые в первые наверное зашли в эту игру, и сука кнопки нажимать не умеют, почему подбор такой тупорылый? Можно этих овощей кидать с такими же овощами, а мне нормальных людей, которые понимают что такое важные объекты в игре и прочее , чего я должен страдать из за этих животных , которые вообще иногда просто АФК стоят …

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