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League of Champion – Assassin Fiora.

The most feared duelist in all Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her brusque manner and political cunning as she is for the speed of her rapier. Born to the noble Laurent family in Demacia, Fiora claimed the household from her father in the wake of a scandal that nearly destroyed them—now she is dedicated to restoring the Laurents to their rightful place among the great and good of the kingdom.

League of Legends Teams – Upstairs.

There have been many rumors about Team OG in the recent past. Apparently the opinions about the course of the tournament and success differ greatly. For the year 2018, the team could not show any notable successes and many bad followers speak more of a surprise qualification. Nevertheless, the team does not look at an empty medal wall in the living room, as they won the Kiev Major in 2017. Furthermore, the team was able to pocket money and titles at the Manila Major 2016,./p>

League of Legends Skins- Unbound Thresh.

League of Legends has a lot of skins and cosmetics, but unfortunately you have to spend money for 95% of them and well, with a student budget you can’t always get what you want – like the awesome new Sentinel Vayne skin.

League of Legends Guides- Vex Champion.

Vex is going to be a very popular pick in the solo cue in the coming weeks. Not only because she is finally a new AP mid laner out, but because she is the perfect counter for any champion with a Dash. We took a look at Vex and the best build for the mid laner Yordle for you!

LoL League of Legends – TFT Patch Notes 10.15: Plunder Planet and more!.

Put on your space pirate hats and reload the Space Blaster. Patch 10.15 includes the new galaxy Plunder Planet and several champions have been adjusted. Read the patch notes for 10.15 here!After patch 10.14 was only on the servers for a short time, but still caused some unrest, the new adjustments for Teamfight Tactics are coming now.

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Thanks for the fun co-stream, Sykkuno! Tbh I would have never watch Worlds if you weren't streaming it. You did awesome! The banter between your co-hosts was funny and entertaining. Have you ever thought of doing more hosting? You're like a natural!

I am so sorry I have to make the joke: there is no ill will towards the judges, this is in jest.

I just want to say I'm really impressed by their announcer selection. It's so cool that they were able to get a newscaster from the capital, moaning myrtle, and nosferatu, but what's up with the normal human next to them?

That was an amazing stream Sykkuno! You did amazing! It was so much fun! Your commentary made it so much fun and light hearted. Don't understand much of League but these games were incredable to watch!

Thank you Sykk and everyone coming for this event and co-streaming. Definitely it is a great experience to watch League of Lengend. Congrats for both team. You are all the best.

I have zero knowledge on LoL, never played the game, never knew whatever is happening in the game when I watch it, and this is my first time ever watching worlds and I did not expect I would enjoy it! Thanks for co-streaming Sykkuno!

I remember around 2010 (give or take a few years) I saw like some news magazine show like 20/20 or Vice reporting on a “weird phenomenon” in Japan (I think) where people would fill stadiums to watch others play video games. And now here we are. Ever since I started watching streamers, I always think back at that reporting.

How the fuck did Riot not invite Sneaky and Meteos?? So fucking dumb, they've been with DL this whole worlds and the tri-cast has been amazing.

Was awake till 6am but it was so worth it!! Thank you, Riot, for giving such an opportunity to our strimmer and thank you, Sykkuno, for being the only person that makes watching league actually understanble to me as a non-player. If it wasn't for syk, I defenitely would've missed out

i wanted DRX to win but man i felt bad for the other team. they all out on an amazing show though. i haven't played league but thanks with the helpful commentary filling me in i was really on the edge of my seat. i was able to get what was going down and holy shit it was cool. good job to both teams. i can tell it means alot to them.

was here live but it took me a while to finish it because of the amount of replays i did to see all the plays and the breaks from shock i needed HAHAHAH

I REALLY MISSED SYKKUNO LOL CONTENT ;-; I was always watching ankle's vids and LOVED when he played w friends esp u. I feel like I missed out alot when I didn't know you had a yt too back then but I watched ur lol content when I saw u in among us and freaked out when i realized it was u and OMG I AM SO HAPPY.

LOVED PETER'S DYNAMIC W U i hope we get more sykkuno peter content bc wow that felt so comfortable and fun and the chemistry is off the charts. LOVED everyone who came on stream too!!! ;-; love u all thank u guys!


i feel like this help syk alot
honestly made worlds even better!!!
huge thanks to riot for allowing our beloved to host, and all the friends for supporting

also yvonne hai ur hair looks fabulous #DRX #DEFT

did anyone notice kingen hugging the wall when zeus ulted him on fiora 3:24:46 to keep zeus from hitting the last quadrant of the fiora ult when oner and keria were beating pyosik to the play? so 5head to keep her ult from popping and really gigachad as oner and keria were there on the play right before pyosik

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