WoW – BGs turned into battle royale action!

So far, the new cross-faction group play feature in WoW has caused surprisingly few problems. Now, however, a funny bug has surfaced that turns a simple BG into a classic Battle Royale – in which you have to compete against all players at once.

When Blizzard announced cross-faction group play, feelings were mixed. In the meantime, however, the feature has become established in WoW and is used by the majority of players. Most of the time, you won’t even notice if there’s a player from the enemy faction in your group. This is not only because it is not really displayed obtrusively. The new feature works so unagitatedly and smoothly that it’s almost eerie. Rarely before has Blizzard introduced new features into the game that ran so smoothly from the first moment.

In the meantime, however, a few bugs have surfaced that the new WoW feature causes. Most of them, however, insignificantly small. The biggest and probably funniest bug so far concerns the PvP players among us. As some heroes have painfully discovered, you shouldn’t accept cross-faction invites when you’re on the battlefield or skirmishing.

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Fine, only enemies everywhere!

Apparently, there is a strange interaction of cross-faction group play with organized PvP systems. As reported by several WoW players, accepting a cross-faction invite is really messing up the currently running battleground. If you are in a BG or skirmish and accept an invite from a friend of the other faction, all players in the BG become your enemies in one fell swoop. So you’re no longer just fighting the other team, you’re fighting your own. In a way, you are in a Battle Royale, where every player is an enemy. But that’s not quite right, because the rest of the players still fight in two teams against each other – only you don’t belong to any of the teams anymore.

Incidentally, this also means that you will no longer be allowed to use the Spirit Healer and will always have to walk to your corpse. But that should be the smaller of the two problems. Because without a team you have no chance in the BG. Even if your teammates notice what’s going on, you’ll have to make do without healing and buffs, and you’ll also go down in any skirmish in AoE of two teams. Have you encountered these or similar bugs in cross-faction group play?


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