WoW: demands from the community

After just two weeks, Blizzard developers have turned off the Wind of Wisdom XP buff again. Although the community demanded an extension until WoW: Dragonflight, the developers remained true to their previous intention.When the Blizzard developers activated the Wind of Wisdom XP buff in WoW: Shadowlands on July 20, the joy was great among many players. Thanks to 50 percent more experience points from all sources, it suddenly leveled much faster and thus more pleasant. However, the developers already revealed when activating the buff that it will be turned off again with the start of – Season 4.

In the meantime, the fourth – Season has started and lo and behold: The Wind of Wisdom has disappeared. Actually, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it did a little bit. Because during the whole two weeks players in the forums or in the council of players loudly demanded that this buff should be left active until the pre-patch of Dragonflight.

WoW developers can’t be swayed

All the demands and arguing on the part of the players have not borne fruit. Now you might think that the developers are falling back into old patterns, where they basically know everything better than the players. But that is only partly the case. It was never the developers’ intention that players should be able to prepare themselves for Dragonflight. Community manager Kaivax emphasized this in the forum:

Thank you for this feedback. We selected the timing of this buff to specifically benefit players who were preparing for – Season 4.
We’re always thinking about when might be the right time to do an XP buff again in the future, and we do not have any immediate plans to announce at this time, but we’ll take this feedback into account when considering future leveling bonus events.

In plain language, the intention of the XP buff was to allow players to prepare for – Season 4 by leveling up one or two classes. While the developers have no current plans for the return of the buff, they are registering feedback in this regard. Therefore, it is almost likely that we will see another round of buffs during Shadowlands. Wind of Wisdom will see, so that players can then prepare for Dragonflight.

Have you taken advantage of the Wind of Wisdom XP buff, or do you already have all of your major characters at max level anyway? In any case, we would be very happy to see the buff come back to the servers before the upcoming expansion to make any class changes easier.

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