“WoW: Season of the championship”

The – Season of Championship in WoW Classic will soon come to an end. But the characters from it are allowed to transfer to the “normal” realms – and that triggers problems.

The – Season of Championship was a project within World of Warcraft Classic that pleased many players. Tougher bosses, faster progression, and a version of WoW Classic that many had wanted – with meaningful new features. However, the time of the championship – Season is limited and very slowly it is approaching its end. But what about the characters that you have laboriously leveled and equipped there? They will soon be allowed to change realms – and that will lead to angry fellow players.

What is the – Season of the championship?
These are special realms that are basically a kind of “Classic+”. They are realms with the WoW Classic version, but some adjustments have been made to improve the gameplay and provide a greater challenge. For example, there are more experience points when leveling, but bosses in raids are also more difficult and prevent players from bringing particularly powerful buffs from the outside world, for example.

What did Blizzard say now? The developers have announced what will happen to the characters of the – Season of the championship when the – Season is over. These characters will then get a choice and can for free:

  • Transfer to a realm of the Classic era.
  • Transfer to a Wrath of the Lich King Classic realm.


So the characters are not stuck in the championship – Season forever – as initially assumed by many players – but can leave the realm at the end and continue playing somewhere else.

What is the problem? The problem is seen by many players who are currently on the BC realms. Because they now feel threatened in the exclusivity of their titles and achievements. Particularly prestigious titles such as the scarab lord or rank 14 in PvP were in the championship – Season namely with less effort to get. In the official WoW forum, there is therefore a lot of criticism. Here are some excerpts:

This is an insult to anyone who has grinded a special title or item in Classic. When the championship – Season was announced, there was no indication that you could transfer to WotLK later. I would have played if there had been. […]


Others demand that the players in question then have to do some “rework” to be allowed to keep their titles:

I demand that the scarab lords from the championship – Season must farm the other 20,000 fragments before they are allowed to use their mount in WotlK. #fakescarablords


Just in connection with the introduction of Achievement, some are pissed:

Terrible idea. Classic WotLK introduces Achievements and right at launch you devalue the meaning of them by adding a whole bunch of rank 14 players and scarab lords. Championship – Season characters should only be allowed to move to Classic era realms, as originally intended.


So the mood is heated and many players are demanding that Blizzard reconsider this decision or strip characters of their special achievements from the championship – Season if they transfer.

Is this happening soon? No, probably not. The championship – Season is still going on for a while and Naxxramas is yet to be released there. The developers want to allow enough time to pass after the release of the last classic raid tier before players can choose a permanent home for their – Season al characters at the end of the Championship – Season .

Have you played the championship – Season ? What will you do with your character? How do you feel about the trouble?



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