WoW: “Why do you hate us?”

Just imagine if an annoying bug was found in WoW, it was reported, and just two days later there was no sign of it. That’s how you would want it to be. Instead, players struggle for weeks with disappearing bombs and textures on Halondrus and hunters have been popping bosses for at least as long, even though they don’t do anything at all. But if a “bug” gives players a little joy, the developers sprint like Usain Bolt to their work computers and bring a hotfix to the live servers so quickly that you could believe the future of Azeroth depended on it.

This is exactly what has happened for the second time now within a week. First, there was the ability to cast area effects directly on an enemy, and then players found out that you can increase visibility again with a new console command since patch 9.2.5. Most players saw the area effects fix coming and grudgingly accepted it. After all, it had a massive impact on PvP in WoW. However, very few were enthusiastic about it.

Just “Why?”

Now the WoW developers announced that the increased field of view feature will also be revised. Actually, it should already be fixed according to the hotfix – but it still worked in our test.


  • Fixed an issue where the camera’s field of view could be increased past 90.
    • Developers’ note: The ability to restrict the field of view was added in 9.2.5 as an accessibility measure to help alleviate motion sickness. All of World of Warcraft (buy now )— the art, combat mechanics, and player interactions — are built within the parameters of the user interface experience and scale. Increasing the field of view beyond the limit that has been in place since WoW launched was not intended.

So the feature was originally introduced because of the new features against motion sickness and it was never intended to be used to increase the field of view. Therefore, the maximum field of view is now limited to the previous default value.

However, the developers do not explain why they are so vehemently against a larger field of view. When the field of view was reduced back in Legion, Ion Hazzikostas explained it briefly like this: The game is designed for this maximum zoom range. If the camera is further away, it won’t look good. Also, players who deal with console commands should not have a relevant advantage over everyone else.

Players are not amused

You can think what you want about this statement. However, most players are not particularly enthusiastic about the fact that this possibility is now taken away from them again. They value the gameplay advantages in combat much higher than the visual losses. Here are a few examples from the comment columns:


  • Lootgazer: “Why do you hate us so much?”
  • Shikoroh: “Too bad, that was probably the best change they introduced in the past two expansions aside from the content.”
  • Thereck: “So no explanation aside from “it wasn’t intended that way”. Too bad.”
  • Dilbert2000: “Warlocks have been broken for months. But if the field of view is not right …”
  • ThorWowHead: “Except that increasing the field of view would be exactly what really helps against motion sickness!”
  • Zetherior: “Players with ultra-wide monitors almost get 360-degree vision, but that’s not allowed now?”
  • Zalaer: “Boosting spam? No problem. PoV over 90: Big problem”


However, many players see it less dramatically. They have come to terms with it and would not have used the feature anyway. Still, it seems very strange that such “bugs” are fixed in record time, while others exist for weeks. What do you think? Do you think Blizzard is overdoing it and the feature could have stayed in the game, or do you think the developers were right to react so quickly?

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