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Today we will be talking about your typical #ApexLegends Wraith Main.

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27 Replies to “WRAITH MAINS IN A NUTSHELL… (Apex Legends)”

I’m a one of the good teammate wraith mains but my teammates leave. That random pathfinder and octane that when I’m about to pick them up they leave. Me and the other team just stare at each other or like a 1 min and look at the death box.

It’s because of these kinds of players that I quit the game no shit I would still be playing. It’s a good battle royale for what it is trying to accomplish. I just don’t understand why there are some players who do that kind of behavior all the fucking time and I think it’s fucking funny. It drives me up a fucking God damn wall. It’s not funny when you decide to be a complete asshole to everyone coming for someone who plays Kostic and loboa I deal with this crap all the time I have no shame I have left matches because of this crap I’ve never seen a reason to respect a wrath player and I still don’t see a reason to now

I hate octanes they do the same thing and STEAL ALL THE GOOD SHI-

Also I’m sorry but with my recent wingman practice…..I think I’m becoming a new type of wraith main….the one that stays with her team 😂😂

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